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Tips for Shopping for your Wedding Gown

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  1. Be open minded
    If you’ve never stepped foot in a wedding dress, you may not have any idea what will look good on you! It’s not every day that we wear elegant gowns. They don’t fit like a sundress or even a cocktail dress. If you come across a dress on the hanger that you love the detail of, but it wasn’t the style you were looking for, TRY IT ON! You never know. You might surprise yourself.
  2. Bring a small group
    Having too many opinions is a quick road to frustration and emotional stress. Having one of your friends say “that’s really not you” the moment you put on your dream dress can really crush a bride’s spirits. This is YOUR DAY. Bring a small number of people, we suggest no more than five, that you trust the opinion of. Be aware that your bridal consultant will be helping you in and out of dresses while your company sits on the couch in the fitting room. Bring people you feel comfortable with. Men will have to wait out in the seating area for the comfort of all our brides. Only bring the people whose opinions matter to you most.
  3. Wear nice undergarments
    Your stylist, and possibly your company will be seeing you in your undies, so for your own, and your stylists sake, wear some good ones! You want to feel beautiful in your wedding dress. Having that start from undergarments up will help you feel relaxed and confident during your appointment. This also helps the dresses fit better. We can supply you with a strapless bra here, but if you have one you love and fits you great, wear that as well!
  4. Consider the bridal stylists suggestions
    The bridal stylists at Wolsfelt’s bridal are all very professional and knowledgeable. Not only do they know the Wolsfelt’s stock extremely well, but they have worked with thousands of brides, and have an instinct about what dresses will fit, flatter, and fit your personality.
  5. Focus on one thing at a time
    We see many brides who try to shop for bridal, bridesmaids, and a mother-of-the-wedding dress, all in one appointment. This almost always results in a significant amount of stress for the bride. Take a day that’s just for YOU, to find your dress. Then make a separate appointment to address bridesmaid’s and mother’s gowns.
  6. Shop early
    Wedding gowns can take 5-8 months to come in, and you will have at least 2 alterations fittings. Shopping 12-14 months before the wedding is not too early. It’s much better to give yourself more time, and diminish your stress, then to feel rushed in any way. If your wedding is in just a few months, no worries, we have plenty of options for you!
  7. Be ready to purchase
    Wolsfelt’s has hundreds of one-of-a-kind, or off-the-rack, dresses available. If you fall in love with one of these gowns, you’ll want to be ready to purchase that day, as it is the only one of its kind. We also offer first day incentives that you won’t want to miss!
  8. Set a budget
    Knowing what you want to spend is important for you and your stylist. Don’t make your budget so strict that you have no wiggle room to go for that perfect dress. We hate to see bridal tears over a gown tried on that ended up being way over budget. Two things not to skimp on for your wedding day are the dress, and the photographer. Those two things last forever. So get your budget set to make your bridal dreams come true.
  9. Bring pictures & have an idea of what you want
    Pictures will help your stylist understand the vision you have for your wedding gown! Bring 10 or so pictures of different dresses and a few different styles you are interested in! You may not end up getting anything like your pictures, but this gives your consultant a good place to start, and a good idea of your personal style.
  10. Don’t get completely attached to a dress you found online
    Bridal lines are so extensive these days that it can be nearly impossible to find the exact dress you found online in a physical store near you. Use the internet as a way to get ideas, but since you don’t even know what that specific dress will look like on you, don’t close your mind to other gowns. We can always try and help you find that specific gown so you can try it on, but we can also use that gown as a basis for picking a handful of other dresses for you.
  11. Shop during the week
    Weekends can be very busy at Wolsfelts. Weekdays can provide a more calm environment, and your consultant may even be able to spend a little more time with you.
  12. Purchase a gown that fits now
    Even if you plan to drop 15lbs before the big day, it is always much easier, and more cost effective to take a dress in, then to have to let it out. We believe in you and your goals, but sometimes stress, injury, and other circumstance can keep you from totally meeting that weight loss goal, and we still want you to have a gown that fits beautifully! Choose a gown you feel wonderful in right now, and if you meet your weight goal, we have very experienced seamstresses waiting to take your gown in for you!
  13. Prepare to look nice for your appointment
    It’s tough to feel your best when you don’t look your best. On your big day, you will be all dolled up and looking ravishing. When trying on wedding gowns, if you aren’t looking your best that day, you may not have that wonderful moment when you feel so amazingly beautiful, and know you’ve found the right dress. You don’t need to go overboard of course, but if you’ll be wearing contacts, makeup, hair up etc, for your wedding, consider having those things done for your try-on.
  14. Remember bridal sizes are different than clothing sizes
    Don’t panic! If your bridal stylist suggests you try on a size 12, and you’re usually an 8, don’t take offense! Bridal sizes can run one to two sizes smaller than your normal size. We will order a size based on your measurements. Just remember the size of the gown doesn’t even matter. It won’t be posted on your back that day. All that matters is that you look beautiful in your dress.
  15. Have fun!