Budget Conscious

budget-conscious.jpgOne of our brides wished out loud for her very own fairy godmother. She said, "Everyone says I am a princess. And if that were so I'd also have a fairy godmother and I could send the bills to her." Without fairy godmothers, we find more and more brides are working through their wedding budget and thinking through their planned expenditures. That's a good thing. More and more of them are trying hard to avoid wedding debt.

Here are some ideas for you to consider: If reception vendors present you with a preliminary bid on your reception, look it over carefully. Ask for days when there is no minimum bill. In may towns Sunday afternoons are slow times in restaurants and you may host an event without the dreaded minimums.

Look over the submitted menus and cross off items that you don't really want or need or items that may have been included but not ordered.

If you can juggle the date, consider getting married on a Thursday or in mid January or other "off season" times. You may not have flowers in the gardens but you are likely to have your pick of reception vendors and locations.

Many brides are choosing to shop estate jewelry for wedding bands. For some, there is not only a tremendous savings in dollars, but they like the idea of continuity offered by wedding bands worn in another life with another couple.

If possible hold the ceremony and reception at the same site. Wedding guests will be glad they don't have to travel from place to place.

Be sure of your ONE IMPORTANT THING and don't let go of it. Our brides want to have the gown of their dreams - that is what is important to them. Part of our service to them is to help them find ways to have the gown and cut invisible corners elsewhere in the budget. Money can be saved on church decorations, limos and even event locations.

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