improvise.jpgIn the rush and urgency of wedding planning, many brides baulk at the prospect of completing a gift registry form. It seems somehow to be awkward for many of them. It feels wrong somehow to list all the things one "wants" on a list for others. However, it would help if the bride looked at her time making "couple" appropriate gift selections as a service to her guests. Wedding guests are going to bring or send a gift. It will be so much easier if they were to know that what they selected matched the couple's preference.

What is likely to happen to most brides is that they will receive a portion of their registry preferences. They may end up with pieces and parts of the china or crystal or silverware choices that they made. We urge them NOT to tuck gifts away awaiting the items that fill out the place settings for china or silver or crystal or all three. Use your gifts and use them frequently. So you don't currently have enough matching china, crystal or silver for a dinner party for six. IMPROVISE! Take the items you have and create a memorable evening for guests – friends or family. We support the concept of "What If?"

Use what you have to create an evening to remember.

What if you:

Used a vegetable bowl to grow spring bulbs?

Used an eggcup for candlesticks?

Served juice in champagne glasses?

Used large wine glasses for desserts?

Iced champagne in a soufflé dish?

Served parfaits in brandy snifters?

Floated flowers in a goblet?

Filled dessert sherbets with nuts or mints?

Put fancy soaps in a fruit saucer in your bathroom?

What would happen if you used items for different functions? Nothing but applause for your creativity.

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