How many guests can we bring with us?
Our appointments accommodate up to 4 or less guests.

What is the price range of your gowns?
The majority of our gowns are priced between $1,500 and $2,800.
We have other gowns that will work within your budget.


What sizes are your samples?
We want every bride to look amazing and feel confident, and that starts with the first bridal appointment. We proudly offer a wide range of sample sizes, from 6 to 26. Our average size for samples is 12-14.
Bridal gowns usually run 1-2 sizes smaller than your “street size.” If you’re usually a size 2, be prepared to try on a size 6.

Do I need to make an appointment?
Appointments are required so you can work one-on-one with a knowledgeable bridal stylist. We cannot guarantee walk-in availability. You can call us at 630-896-7166 or request an appointment here.

How long is my appointment?
Appointments are 1.5 hours long.

What do I wear when trying on wedding dresses?
We recommend light-colored undergarments and any shapewear of your choice. Please bring shoes with the approximate heel size you will want to wear on your wedding day.

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Are photographs allowed?
Yes, photographs are allowed on everything except our private W Collection.

Are there private dressing rooms?
Yes, we offer large private dressing rooms for you and your guests. Please be aware that while trying on gowns, your group will be seated on the couch in the fitting room with you. They may step out during this process if it would make you feel more comfortable. We also offer handicap-accessible rooms on our main floor.

Can I bring champagne to celebrate?
Absolutely! We just ask that the champagne is popped outside and you do not drink in the fitting rooms. Please keep champagne on the main floor.

How can I pay for my dream dress?
All gowns above $900 can be paid with credit card, debit card, cash or check. Dresses $899 and below must be cash only.


How long will my dress take to come in?
Special order gowns take approximately 6-9 months to arrive. Some designers may offer quicker options. And of course any gown can be purchased off the rack.

Do you offer alterations?
YES! We have highly skilled in-house seamstresses that can make your dream dress complete! Additional charges are based on what is needed. Please allow up to 3 months for all alterations.

When I purchase my gown, do I receive discounts on bridesmaid dresses and tuxedos?
YES! After purchasing a wedding dress, you can receive up to 20% off your bridesmaid dresses. 

Tuxedo rentals are also each $40 off and after the 5th rental, the groom receives a free tuxedo rental

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